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Institutional wood stove

Efficient, smoke-free cooking with the CookClean Institutional Stoves Simple high tech Whether they are made of clay, metal or

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Mobile Delivery Van

CookClean owns three delivery vans. The stoves are thus brought to the market through company-owned sales vans (currently predominant route), as well

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Stove Distribution

Distribution The company distributes its stoves to 200 vendors in the Greater Accra and Eastern regions alongside training to vend

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Changing Habits, Changing Lives

Nearly three billion people worldwide burn solid fuels and kerosene in open fires and inefficient stoves to cook, light, and heat their homes. Cleaner-burning stoves reduce emissions and can have positive health, climate, and women’s empowerment benefits.

Globally an estimated 2.8 billion people rely on solid fuels such as wood, animal dung, crop waste, and charcoal, as well as kerosene for cooking, lighting and heating their homes. This reliance on biomass for cooking and heating forces women and children to spend hours each week collecting wood, time that could be better spent on income generation, education, or other activities.
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