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CookClean Ghana Limited (CCL) is a social entrepreneurship with a mission to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, protect the environment and improve the general economic conditions of low-income families in Ghana.

CookClean’s mission statement: “To Protect and Save Lives and Our Forests”

CookClean Ghana is appropriately positioned to offer significant contribution to mitigating climate change and averting deforestation, thus ensuring food security. This is made possible by many unique products manufactured and distributed by CookClean (see Solution and Application) with their awful characteristics.

The CookMate stove used in combination with CookClean own manufactured BidiePa biomass fuels (briquettes and charcoal) from agricultural wastes and saw dust is a perfect match to eliminate the cutting down of tree to produce charcoal and firewood as a source of energy for cooking.

The over 200 networks of women agents are already catalyzing the market as clean energy micro-entrepreneurs by leading efforts to be part of and to develop effective, culturally-appropriate, and sustainable solutions. Women entrepreneurs are an untapped resource and leveraging their strengths is a huge opportunity for the sector. CookClean’s women network of retailers is opening doors for clean energy users and providing access to consumers in hard-to-reach markets. As agents, our women agents often understand better the needs of other women and more easily approach their clients regarding the health, economic, and other benefits of CookClean improved cook stoves and BidiePa fuels.

CookClean’s Programme of Activities provides Energy Access with triple bottom line objectives;

Environmental Sustainability, Economic Feasibility, Social Equity.

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Maintaining natural resources base & Low carbon growth
  2. Economic Feasibility: Imports vs domestic production
  3. Social Equity: Reduce Energy Poverty & Access to the poor

The Specific Goals of CookClean Programme of Activities

Improved Social, Environmental, and Economic Benefits


Improved health through:

  • Clean energy for families combined with hygiene education
  • Reduction of smoke in kitchens and indoor air pollution
  • Expanded and improved public health outreach
  •  Improved livelihoods through less time spent collecting wood-fuels and reduced expenditure on wood-fuels and clinical bills
  • Improved health through clean energy; less smoke in kitchens
  • Ensuring food security by avoiding land erosion and degradation enhances peace

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Sustainable Development Goals and CookClean’s contribution

See how CookClean Ghana Limited’s  Programme of Activities contributes to addressing all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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