Why we need your support to donate
We have from 2013 to mid 2017 had a clear path and achieved a significant outcome as follows:

  • 288,920 people impacted
  • $7 million families’ disposable incomes increase for livelihood improvement
  • 607,000 tons of CO2 equivalent Emission Reductions
  • 1,2million tons of trees saved –
  • 36 qualified employment created
  • 300 women empowered through indirect employment as sales agents


Charcoal production by traditional means consumes unsustainable amounts of wood. It requires 6 tons of wood to make 1 ton of charcoal and the process emit greater amount of methane into the atmosphere which is 21 times higher than CO2 (1 ton of methane =21 tons CO2).

Woman lightening her charcoal earth kiln

woman helping wood lodger to feeding charcoal kiln

Hazardous burning of saw saw dust posing health challenges to inhabitants

It is these socio-economic challenges which put children and poor women at disadvantage; in particular their health, school-attainment and gender equality and also endanger their environment, future, livelihood and food security in general.

Children fetching firewood for the family’s cooking energy needs.

A girl exposed to harmful smoke whilst cooking for the family

A woman exposed to harmful smoke in her kitchen

We plan to double the outcome in the next 5 years ahead and hope that you will reach deep into your heart and support CookClean in its ambitious project to improve the lives of over a million poor women and children, and further mitigate land degradation and climate change and ensure food security.

4-year old child paying the heavy price of energy poverty of the family

CookClean is intensifying its effort by launching its most ambitious intervention to help families of the lower income brackets to escape poverty, protect fragile ecosystems and ensure food security in Ghana and improve the health of women and young girls.

With your help, we can within the next few years achieve the following:

  • impact 1.23 million lives.
  • Save 1.34 million tons of tress.
  • Avoid the emission of 2.2million tCO2e (tons of CO2 equivalent).
  • Free families’ disposable income in excess of US$184million.
  • Create qualified direct employment of 170.
  • Empower women through 1000 indirect employment.

But it all comes down to your support, right now


With your support, we can realise our ambition. Please click on the donate button and donate to put a smile on a child’s face.
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