Rationel use of Biomass

In the last sixty years, social marketing, behavior change communications (BCC), and relatedstrategies to change behavior have taken a prominent place in addressing global health challenges

Applying commercial marketing principles to social issues, social marketing and BCC interventions

have been successfully used to encourage healthy behaviors including condom use, family planning,

and water purification and sanitation.

These strategies have been shown to be widely effective in promoting behavior change across a range of subject matter, populations, and global settings. Social marketing and BCC strategies have the potential to open up the market for modern cookstoves to the commercial sector over the long term through effective targeting of socially marketed product subsidies, through a process that has been termed the Total Market Approach (TMA).

Following this approach, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and the United Nations Foundation

have funded four projects to implement BCC campaigns to accelerate clean cooking markets by

increasing awareness and adoption of clean cooking solutions, thus reducing health and environmental impacts of solid fuel and kerosene use.

Stoves 2020

To date Stoves Fuels Total
Number of Households Provided with Access 75,802 170,811 210,701 381,512
Number of people impacted 454,812 1,024,868 210,701 1,235,569
Emission Reductions (tCO2) 611,212 1,934,119 239,006 2,173,125
Monetary savings
Tons of tree allowed to stay charcoal per ton 454,812 1,024,868 316,051 1,340,919
Household per capita Charcoal consumption
Charcoal saving by Cookmate $7,392,500 16,658,169 16,658,169

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