Our Vision



Our inspiration, our strength, our strategy!
Where it all starts – our strong vision is our path to success!

From vision to implementation!

„Action without thought is empty. Thought without action is blind! “Kwame Nkrumah – founding father of Ghana

Future needs origin – it all started with a small vision four years ago!
In 2010 it all started with an idea: We wanted to create something meaningful, something that has sustainable social impact on peoples’ life.

We wanted to address subjects of critical nature, create awareness and seek to educate communities towards becoming more sensitive to health and environment related issues in Ghana.
Out of this idea grew our vision to build a business that is built on the basis of „Profit for Purpose “.

This vision was to contribute to improving the living conditions of the population by introducing affordable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and health protecting energy solutions for the everyday life. This was the moment the CookClean stove, the CookMate was born!

With this, we set our mission:

impact 1.23 million lives.
Save 1.34 million tons of trees
Avoid the emission of 2.2million tCO2e (tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent)
Free families’ disposable income in excess of US$181million.
Create qualified direct employment of 170
Empower women through 1000 indirect employment in women micro- entrepreneurship

And…well, we did it! The idea came to life!
In 2013 we started to lay the first foundation for the business on the ground and we registered our Programme of Activities (PoA) for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the stage was set. We have from 2013 to end of 2017 had a clear path and achieved a significant outcome as follows:

288,920 people impacted
$7 million families’ disposable incomes increase for livelihood improvement
607,000 tons of CO2 equivalent Emission Reductions
1,2million tons of trees saved –
36 qualified employment created
300 women empowered through indirect employment as sales agents

Acknowledging the rising significance of the African continent in the global economy, we wanted to empower disadvantaged communities and most especially the youth by providing them with economic opportunities in job creation along our value chain activities. That´s why we built our stove production plant in the heart of Ghana´s capital, Accra and briquette and charcoal plant at Bediakokrom, a village, 400 kilometers from Accra with a population of less than 2000.

Today we have two production sites with 36 workers that manufacture our cook stoves and produce briquettes and charcoal using agricultural waste and saw dust as feed stock. Our country-wide distribution network covers over 250 retailers.

So we went from idea to vision, pilot and proof of concept. That´s why we want to drive business further! Our experience is our most valuable asset!
We have comprehensive knowledge of the West African market and it´s special dynamics
We have a strong distribution and sales network
We have production experience in different technologies – and we know how to operate under difficult circumstances
We have a very effective operating and administrative platform that can be leveraged
We are operating in accordance to the highest operational standard, using effective reporting, KPI and management tools
We have experience working with foreign firms and understand their requirements, which is why we can bring in various technologies
Our management team has a combined 50 years of working in competitive European and American companies
We are a dynamic team and company
Finally, we have the track record to prove that we execute and implement successfully!

Where do we want to go? Our Vision 2025!

Push the company to be one of the pioneers in Ghana and West Africa to lead into the new era of renewable energies and make these technologies beneficial and accessible to ordinary people and businesses.

What will we achieve? Our Mission!

To become the domestic market leader in the manufacturing of stoves, briquettes/ charcoal and hybrid energy solutions

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