Sponsor a family

At CookClean we want to do more than work on a business. We inspire to change people´s lives today. We would like to inspire you to follow us on that journey. For the price of two McDonald’s menus you can support a local family with a donation of a cook stove that will change their lives significantly. With your donation, we will deliver on your behalf a cook stove to a family that is in need of help.

We will let you know how you have changed the life of someone with your contribution. We will bring you exclusive footage and the background story of the family you supported, enabling you to follow the people you have inspired.

If we have inspired you to donate, you may simply click on the Donate button to proceed. We will upon receipt of your donation get in contact with you to discuss how you want your donation to be carried out. You may choose to sponsor a family or an entire village community. You could equally use our contact form.

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