CookMate cook stoves

1. Commercial Charcoal Stove


The model is based on the household model. However, it has a clay lining making it possible for women caterers use variety of cooking pot as it comes without pot skirt. The absence of this features reduces the efficiency considerably as compared to the household model. This has efficiency of 33%.

I deal for road-side canteen operators and big families.

2. Household Charcoal Stoves


These are CookClean branded charcoal stoves, the CookMate, which are CookClean chore products as far as stoves are concerned. The manufacturing occurs at our own production facilities at Asofan, a suburb in Accra, the capital. They are available in 4 sizes,  1-4 corresponding to S,M,L and  XL.

The stoves consume up to 50% less charcoal than the traditional stove thus significant saving for the family.

The stoves are made of mild steel sheets with embedded pot skirt which reduces heat leakage and enables heat to be constrained close to the cooking pot for an extended section of its upward travelling path. It prevents heat from directly escaping via the stove’s sides, effectively increasing the heat contribution to the pot’s contents per mass charcoal.

The combustion chamber in which the charcoal is placed, has a conical shape and is relatively small compared to the baseline stoves or Jiko type stoves.

The stove further has a sliding door enabling the charcoal to be lit more easily by allowing more air to travel through the stove, providing variable cooking speeds. Once the charcoal is hot, the sliding door can be closed so that heat can be contained within the stove and the speed at which the charcoal burns up is reduced. This allows food to be cooked more gradually, reducing risks of burning the food. On the other hand, if the user feels the need to cook more quickly, the Sliding door can be kept open to allow faster cooking.

The stoves have many unique selling propositions which others competing stoves don’t have:


  1. The ability to simmer over night with ash remnants
  2. Not easily breakable as compared to clay-lined stoves
  3. Ability to limit the spread of ash during cooking most especially when fanning
  4. Adjustable heat regulatory system
  5. The predetermined fuel compartment
  6. Significant fuel savings
  7. 1-year warranty
  8. Light in weight
  9. Easy to use

Other Features

  1. Attractive
  2. Easier to cook
  3. Cooks faster
  4. Uses less charcoal
  5. Cooking convenience
  6. Small size CookMate has been found to be suitable for travellers and student hostel dwellers.
  7. The ability to simmer over night using remnants ash in the stove with no food burning
  8. Stove’s ability to prevent the spread of ash during cooking, most especially when fanning, a feature which hitherto has not been known to CookClean, the only charcoal stove in the market having these features

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