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CookClean is constantly looking for new distribution and sales channels to reach our customers all across the country. Although we have already established a vast network of retailers and vendors, we encourage entrepreneurs and particularly women to take advantage of our prosperous and lucrative business model, as we are experiencing increasing demand for our products. We offer you an innovative product that is high in demand and currently unrivaled in the market, combined with a lucrative incentive and payment scheme. This offers an excellent opportunity to get your business started!

As we are in the process of increasing our production capacity in our main facilities, we are also looking into expanding into international markets.

If you are interested, we are happy to get in contact with you. We kindly ask you to use our contact form to send a message.
Sponsor a Family

At CookClean we want to do more than work on a business. We inspire to change people´s lives today. And we would like to inspire you to follow us on that journey. For the price of two McDonald’s menus you can support a local family with a cook stove that will change their life forever. We will donate your cook stove to a family that is in need of help.

Find out how you have changed the life of someone with a small effort. We will bring you exclusive footage and the background story of the family you supported so that you can follow the people that you inspired.

If you are interested in a donation, we are happy to get in contact with you. We kindly ask you to use our contact form.

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