BidiePa Briquettes


CookClean manufactures 3 products branded BidiePa from its biomass fuel production facilities using saw dust and agricultural waste, namely:

Products for domestic and commercial use

  1. Carbonised charcoal briquettes (this substitute the unsustainable traditional charcoal. These are packed in 4kgs bags and 25kgs sacks. The traditional charcoal production in its current form is alarmingly unsustainable because 6 tons of forest wood is required to produce 1 tons of charcoal. Furthermore, the production of traditional charcoal emits greater amount of methane which is considered 21 times higher than CO2 ( 1 ton of methane =21 ton CO2).
  2. Uncarbonised briquettes replaces firewood and are packed in 4 kgs bags and 25kgs sacks.
  3. The third is the industrial uncarbonised briquettes which are used to fuel biomass industrial boilers. They are sold in tons.

Selected briquette Application

Packed carbonised and uncarbonised briquettes

Briquettes being used in charcoal stove

Uncarbonised briquettes in gasifier stove

Uncarbonised briquettes in industrial boiler

Uncarbonised briquettes from production line

Uncarbonised briquettes in institutional stove

The domestic and commercial briquettes are marketed through CookClean retailer network and other charcoal retailers.


  1. Households
  2. Commercial users (food vendors, roadside restaurants and home businesses)
  3. industries in tonnes and Agricultural product processors (Gari making, sheabutter processing, Par Boil rice, pito brewers) and fish smokers.

Reasons for the preference included:

  1. Ease of handling and storage,
  2. Ease of setting the fire and the uniform temperature of the generated heat,
  3. Quality of the final product for which heat was needed,
  4. The reduction in labour required.

Biomass Briquettes have the following attributes:

  1. Briquettes are a good substitute for wood
  2. They burn with a small flame and with less smoke
  3. They are clean and easy to handle
  4. Do not require chopping
  5. Cook with an even heat and are longer lasting
  6. More suitable for slow cooking
  7. Difficult to ignite (the easy-to-ignite feature of the tradition charcoal s an underrated risk in charcoal markets)
  8. BidiePa Household Briquettes Charcoal
  9. BidiePa Household Briquettes (firewood replacement)
  10. BidiePa Industrial Briquettes for Industrial Boilers

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