Institutional wood stove

Efficient, smoke-free cooking with the CookClean Institutional Stoves

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Whether they are made of clay, metal or brick:

Rocket Stoves burn firewood sparingly and efficiently.

This is down to their design, which optimises the transfer of heat from the fire to the cooking pot and promotes complete combustion of the wood.


CookClean Institutional Stoves are used in

  • private households,
  • canteens and

For agricultural processing, they are used for

  • Shea butter processing
  • Gari processing,
  • Pito brewing and
  • Fish smoking etc.


  • Depending on the model, Rocket Stoves consume up to 80 percent less firewood than traditional fireplaces.
  • This saves time and money, because gathering wood is time-consuming, and buying it is often expensive.
  • Users in Uganda, where it has been documented, for example, save tonnes of wood annually in addition to the health and monetary benefits.
  • Less wood is taken from forests, preventing consequential damage such as erosion and steppe formation.
  • Not only that: each stove saves about several tonnes of CO2 annually and contributes to mitigating climate change.
  • The stoves generate hardly any smoke, and therefore protect the health of women and children in particular.


  • When compared to a 3-stone open fire, the institutional rocket stoves cook a given quantity of food in half the time.
  • Where kitchen staff has been spending 4 hours to cook beans, it will only take 2 hours while using the institutional rocket stoves.


  • The rocket stoves hardly produce smoke. A bit of smoke is produced only when lighting the fire.

(Note: The stove will also produce some smoke if wet firewood is used). Kitchen staffs enjoy a smoke-free kitchen. No more tears and respiratory illness)!


  • A user does not have to blow air into the stove to fan the flame.
  • Once lit, the stove fire will burn continuously unless one stops putting firewood into the stove.


  • These stoves are safe to use because the fire is shielded.
  • The kitchen staffs are therefore protected from fires and burns.


  • These stoves use less firewood leading to reduction of the deforestation rate.
  • Zero tree felling when used with BidiePa briquettes from CookClean

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