Stove Distribution


The company distributes its stoves to 200 vendors in the Greater Accra and Eastern regions alongside training to vendors on best usage and maintenance of the stove. Currently, the company does not provide credit to vendors, however a number of vendors in its network do provide credit to end consumers

Additional sales channels include product presentation at functions and events, house-to-house sales through employed sales personnel, corporate and institutional staff sales and women group sales.

CookClean focuses on training agents/retailers who are also in charge of sales to ensure training is done correctly.

The stoves come with 1-year product for repairs or replacement for non-performance.

Gender Focus & Impact

Women played vital role in the design of the stove and their contribution during and after stakeholder consultations were factored into the design of the product. They are significantly involved in the distribution and delivery of quality after-sales services as they predominately form CCL retailer/distributor network.

CookClean focuses on training agents/retailers who are also in charge of sales to ensure training is done correctly.

Retailers and local sales agents are mostly women who live within the same communities where they operate their micro businesses in the different locations within the rural, urban and peri-urban areas.

CookClean trains retailers who in turn educate users on proper use of the stove and health impacts of using inefficient wood stoves.

CookClean uses to a lesser extend radio and TV adverts to market its products. In addition, information leaflets exist and retail partners provide information to potential customers.

CookMate is available in 4 sizes the pricing in 3 segments, retailer prices, end-user cash and end-user credit price.

CookClean’s target customers are low and low-medium income earners in rural, peri-urban and urban residential households in Ghana that use wood biomass (firewood or charcoal) to cook or boil water.

The market composes of 3 customer segments; domestic consumers purchasing the stove for household use, who depend either solely on biomass fuel (Fuelwood or charcoal) for their household energy need or as supplement; commercial consumers – purchasing stoves and biomass fuel for commercial use and institutional consumers (schools, clinics, etc.) for institutional use.

More than 80,000 stoves have been produced and sold since 2013 to end of 2017, improving lives for approximately 320,000 people.

In addition, over 540,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions had been avoided (as of fourth external verification audit covering reductions achieved until June 2017, with more generated since).


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