Mobile Delivery Van

CookClean owns three delivery vans. The stoves are thus brought to the market through company-owned sales vans (currently predominant route), as well as through an extensive retailer network of 230 women. Additional sales channels include product presentations at functions and events, and house-to-house sales through employed sales personnel.

The vans also make deliveries to retailers and local agents who are mostly women, and who live within the same communities from where they operate their micro businesses in the different locations within the rural, urban and peri-urban areas and across the country

The vans move around in the country and make stops at marketplaces on market days. Sales are made directly from the vans as well the identification and signing on of retailers/distributors recruited during the trips.

The direct sales to end-users enable CookClean to disseminate information on the proper use of the stoves as well as creating awareness as lack of awareness is the greatest barrier for the adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels.


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